Real and Virtual Class for Toddlers

A whole year of virtual classes has come to an end and new academic year has begun.  Children who were not able to sit for more than 20 minutes for their online classes are now so comfortable and have become a pro in using mobile/laptop/PC and several apps.

There are pros and cons of every situation but I must say virtual classes have started to look like an easy option to study. I as a parent want these virtual classes for a little longer period. At least, I can know what my kid is learning. I enjoyed watching my kid learn new things everyday in front of my eyes.

Some of the pros are that there is:

no getting up early, no Tiffin packing, no hurried steps to be taken for catching the van or school bus, no ironing of uniforms, packing the bags, Polishing the shoes, pick and drop child to school.

We have done lots and lots of experiments, DIYs, school crafts together. We have prepared a lot for schools sharing and assembly session. It was fun recording everything and watching it on loop. This brings pride in watching your little one excelling in all fields. I as a mother had to put my career on hold once again but it was all worth it. The success of online classes depends on parents because teachers are teaching but whether the kid is serious or not depends on parents’ attitude.

There is everything good or bad about the situation.

We must have an eye to see the good in every situation. This good side is that

  • We became more close to our kids and we could spend some real good family time with kids.
  • The family games which were forgotten by all because no one had time for it were brought back in action.
  • We also learnt that kids are so resilient and have adjusted so well to the situation making adults ashamed.

About the Author

Megha is a Human Resource Professional and a Lecturer in University. After becoming a Mother, Megha set herself up as a freelance writer and consultant. 

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