How to continue career post-baby?

It is very difficult to start your career again after having a baby. The tragedy of Indian mothers is they are pressurized a lot by their family as well as society. Every mother wants to start their career again but there are a lot of hurdles in their way. 

Here are few tips on how to resume back to work – 

  1. Set Expectations – Set clear expectations with family and partner. Coordinate your schedules and child care management. Divide up household chores. It is always good to make a sick day plan. If your baby gets sick or needs to be taken to the doctor then figure out who will handle the baby’s care. 
  2. Decide on a plan to return to work – Build trust with child care so that you can work in the office with a relaxed mind. If your family member is going to take care of the baby then be thankful to them. If you are going to put the child in a crèche then choose a crèche nearby your office so you can visit the child in your break time. If your child is going to be with Nanny, then start early before you join the office. 
  3. Make Morning Easier – Outsource some of the work, take calls during a commute, use the time-saving hack, order veggies and groceries online, opt for some simple easy meal preparation in the morning, pack a day in advance for kid, office and husband and divide responsibility with husband.
  4. Staying Focused – When at home focus on your child and family, when at the office ensure to spend time meaningful and constructive. Quality is important than quantity.
  5. Avoid Guilt feeling – To avoid mom guilt, come over the notion that to be a good great mom you have to stay with the baby 24 hours. The child will see the mother as an independent and confident person. Always create a space to talk to family, friends, or partner. 

Dear Moms please don’t sacrifice your career. You can make it possible. You can manage everything. Best of luck to all of you.. !

About the Author

Megha is a Human Resource Professional and a Lecturer in University. After becoming a Mother, Megha set herself up as a freelance writer and consultant. 

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