Early Reading Habits

“An average CEO reads about 4-5 books in a month compared to an average person’s 2-3 in a year”. Hence, he has a better chance of becoming a CEO. This is the reason why some people are stuck in their professional life despite having talent.  

It is late for me too. The very thought of the book makes my eyes as heavy as a mountain. However, I realized just in time to influence a different path for my daughter. Reading does wonders right from a very tender age. 

Developing reading habits in kids is like preparing them for fruitful and successful long term relationships. It has to be practised diligently. 

How to develop reading habits in children? 

  1. Start Early – Sooner the better. Abhimanyu (Character in Mahabharata) learnt the tricks when he was in his mother’s womb. Show them a lot of pictures if they are young. Use voice modulations, gestures, expressions and emotions while reading a story. 
  2. Develop a routine – Make it a habit of reading a story to your kid before sleeping. This works better when done by a father (strange but true). Ask your child to narrate on their own without stopping or correcting them. 
  3. Be a role Model – Kids if watch their parents hold a book would also inspire children. Make it a point to read in front of children
  4. Create Ownership – Create an environment of reading. Keep a small bookshelf to keep the child’s books and pass on the ownership to a kid. 
  5. Make regular visits to book stores or fairs – Do not replace other gifts with books. There is no point in gifting books on every occasion, then kids will start hating books. Take them to book fairs, show special interest in these visits. Suggest them what to buy but don’t force them. 
  6. Select Age-appropriate stories. The story should be timed according to the age. 
  7. Upgrade to Kindle – When a child is old enough 8 – 9 years, gift him/her a kindle. They will not only love their gadget of their own but it is also convenient for them to carry while travelling. 

If the advice is followed diligently and patiently, it is bound to succeed and the child will become an avid reader. Happy Reading!

About the Author

Megha is a Human Resource Professional and a Lecturer in University. After becoming a Mother, Megha set herself up as a freelance writer and consultant. 

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